Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day!

As a kid, I always LOVED Earth Day!  It is a little surprising because in the adult world Earth Day comes and goes and no one really even pays attention to it.  As a kid however, teachers always made an especially big deal out of this day.  We would spend the day decorating our room with Earth Day crafts, reading stories about keeping the earth clean, and almost always finished off the day with a little trip outdoors to do some "trashbusting." (That's what my third grade teacher called trash cleanup).  I'm not sure why I am admitting this but I would even pick out one of my "Save The Earth" t-shirts to wear to school (yes, I had more than one to choose from).

Although we are in the midst of benchmark and end of unit testings, I could not let Earth Day go by without doing a little something crafty with my class to celebrate.  I wore a blue and green outfit (I don't own anymore of those wonderful "Save The Earth" t-shirts anymore) and I posted a big cutout of an earth on the front board.

I had to tie this Earth Day Craft into a writing activity so I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce cinquains to the class.  I did a little mini lesson on Cinquains and modeled one of my own, entitled Earth.  Then, the students were sent off to write their own. They did a phenomenal job on this. I really thought they would struggle with fitting into the 1,2,3,4,1 pattern of words but they followed it with no hesitation.

After we did our writing we created our little "Earth Man" craft.  The kids LOVED making these and adding their silly face designs to them. They were not given any tracers to design the land.  I could see them having lots of fun with making the continents.  The Earth Man craft is something I came across in one of my favorite blogs so I can't take credit for that being my own. Amy Lemons really has some great ideas that I can't resist using because they are so cute. We did add our own slight variations to it.  Here are some pictures below.

 second grade blog

The inside
 second grade blog

 second grade blog

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

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