Thursday, February 20, 2014

One of My Favorite Lessons

Another great book by the author Kevin Henkes is “Chester’s Way.”  This is a story of a friendly duo who refer to themselves as "Peas in a Pod."  The duo is challenged when a third character moves to town.  Do they become a trio?  Well, you have to read to find out... :)
This is one of my favorites to read to the class because it sparks a great discussion about friendship and the kids loved sharing stories of who they consider the other “Pea in Their Pod.”  I did a great little craftivity with the class where we made our own Pea Pods. On each of the peas the students drew a picture and wrote a sentence of an activity that they like to do with their best friend.  
The finished products look like this…
 Everything Second Grade

So cute!

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