Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why not start a new hobby?

As if life isn't crazy enough these days, why not start blogging? Sometimes I think I have some sickness where the busier I am the better I feel.  I've been inspired to start a teaching blog for several years. It isn't until now (ironically while on maternity leave) that I  decided to get started. It's a great way for me to catalog all of my ideas and growth as a teacher, as well as share ideas of my own.

I am returning back into the classroom next month as my son approaches 5 months of age.  Starting this blog is a way for me to ease my mind back into school mode and prepare for the big change to working mom of three young children.

 I started the school year in September hoping to have a month before my son was born to set up the classroom atmosphere, routines, and to get to know my students.  My life had different plans for me, I only lasted 2 weeks ( I blame the extreme heat we had in September).

To be honest, school hasn't been even remotely on my mind, I've been too busy loving up my new little babe and his two older sisters. It wasn't until just about a week ago that I looked at a calendar and realized my return date is quickly approaching.  It's a good thing I love my job because even though I LOVE having this precious time with my three little ones, I'm also excited to get back to teaching.

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