Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Is Almost Here

Summer is just around the corner.  The heat is really starting to get intense and the students are starting to drift each day that we get closer to summer vacation.  I can't blame them. Pools are open, the beach is near, the boardwalk rides are running. It's no wonder their minds are someplace else.  I came up with this little craft, writing piece to keep the students engaged and make our walls pretty for the last few weeks of school.
We brainstormed all the things we love to do in the summer.  We live at the Jersey Shore so summer days are full of fun for these kiddos.  The kids organized their thoughts into a paragraph. The last step was making these handprint crabs.  My students LOVE dipping their hands in paint. Each month I try to do at least one "handprint art." This is the final one for the year.

 School Daisies

Here we are "Pinching" our way toward summer vacation!

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