Saturday, August 9, 2014

High Frequency Word Practice

I pulled out a pen and paper yesterday to start writing out a game plan of my Back To School preparations. I thought it would be a good idea to go back into my classroom and retrieve some of my teacher manuals so that I can start mapping out September. I was planning to start set up next week to give myself enough time so that I wouldn't feel rushed. Well...while I was there I was informed that my room will not be ready to access until the last week of August.  At first I felt panic come over me but then I soon realized that it's a blessing in disguise because now it will force me to enjoy what remains of my summer. Besides, do I really need two plus weeks to set up my classroom?? Nah, a couple of solid 8 hour days in there will be just as productive (if not more). I do tend to socialize a little too much when I feel like I have "plenty of time" to get things done.
On another note. I have A LOT of things to prepare outside of my classroom so in the meantime I can do all of that in the comfort of my home.

Our district is using McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading Program and we are now in the second year.  I was on a maternity leave for most of last year so I sort of feel like this is new to me.  One thing I really want to improve this year is the use of my word wall and the students exposure to the words that go on it.  In the past I've been guilty of stapling my words up there in a last minute rush."Hey everyone, quick, look here, I'm adding some words to our wall."

I designed a High Frequency Word Practice sheet to go with each of the words.  Right now I'm thinking that I'm going to use this as an individual assessment. It's quick and easy and will tell me and the students if they have mastered a word or still need to practice it.

My plan is that students will individually complete the top portion of the page. If they are successful at identifying the word they will cut the bottom out and place it into the side of their word wallet labeled "Words I Know."  If they are showing signs of struggle I will have them keep their word on the side of their word wallet labeled, "Keep Practicing."  

I also made word cards for the word wall.  I like these because they have the boxed lettering so students can visualize the formation of the word. I also like that they aren't huge. The word cards that came with our program are too large for my word wall and just don't work for me.  

Here is a link to my TpT Store if you want to use these in your classroom.  The Start Smart Unit is a FREEBIE!!!!!!

Here is Unit 1...

Unit 2 through Unit 6 are coming very soon!!! I plan to have them done by the end of the week :)  By writing this I have to get it DONE!!

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