Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cereal Box Biography Reports

It's almost the end of the year so everything has to be unique and have an element of fun for my students to be engaged. Cereal Box Reports are always fun to make and the kids like sharing their finished product with the rest of the class.

Last year I was able to order this great set of Biography Books that were on a reading level that all my students can handle.  There are 12 different famous people (even though 6 are showing in this picture). The options are limited but they are exposed to the genre of biographies and truthfully not one of my students complained about the lack of choices. They are so easy going :)

I gave the students a web to help them organize their facts.  The organizer has 4 sections:  
childhood, interesting facts, accomplishments, my opinion. 

Each of these topics about their famous person became a side of the cereal box.

It took us about a week to complete but here they are!!!
 cereal box biography reports

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