Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day...My Hero

For my second graders defining Memorial Day was a bit of a challenge. They weren't totally sure if it was a holiday to celebrate pools and barbecues, the start of summer traffic (the only downfall of living by the shore), or remembering America's Heroes??

This writing activity really helped them to relate the importance of the holiday to their own life.
We began by brainstorming the meaning of the word Hero. The students had to choose someone in their life and write reasons why that person is their hero.

I borrowed a book from our art teacher full of these ideas for handprint crafts. This one was intended for a Fourth of July craft but I liked the idea of fireworks, they are very patriotic. I used a silver glittery paint for the "white" firework.  Next year I will use a light blue background so that the silver really "pops."

 Memorial Day Writing Craft Second Grade

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